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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a legally sanctioned process to assist with divorce for married couples. In mediation the divorcing couple can work together with a mediator to address all issues in their divorce and resolve any disputed issues.

Divorce Mediation allows divorcing parties to have more control over the terms of their divorce. Mediation is also significantly less expensive than both parties being fully represented by attorneys throughout their divorce.

Mediated divorces work best with parties who are in agreement on most issues. Again, all matters can be mediated including everything financial and all matters related to children. Child matters can include custody, residency, visitation, child support, healthcare coverage, college tuition and others.

Divorce Mediation can also include post decree matters. These are issues which arise between parties after the divorce was finalized. Post decree mediations address disagreements between divorced parties which they cannot mutually resolve. These can include change in custody, residency, visitation time and others. Many divorces have stipulations in the dissolution order indicating the parties will go to mediation on post decree matters prior to litigating those matters through their attorneys.